We support researchers to advance their results, and help entrepreneurs and policy-makers to make a real impact

 Innovation Exploitation

We help developers to bring new technologies, processes, applications and materials to the market through individualised, innovation support services. Experience shows that such services significantly improve the prospects of market introduction for innovations. We offer a holistic approach to innovation, providing all services – from risk-assessment to investor acquisition – via experts based around Europe.

Communication and Dissemination

Open research is the new normal. To share results in a useful and engaging way we develop tailor-made dissemination strategies and organise targeted activities, both online and on-site. We go a step further by designing and implementing training programmes to build capacity among key stakeholders. With science communication more important than ever, we are proud to have specialist journalists, video producers, graphic designers and web developers in our network.

Policy Advice

We support public actors to develop strategies and policy instruments by drawing on a wealth of pan-European expertise in policy design. We have a long track record of undertaking capitalisation studies and coordinating actions to share good practices among regional and local policy makers. To help create an environment in which innovation can thrive, we regularly derive policy recommendations from research projects and present them to the EU institutions.

Stakeholder Engagement

Successful uptake of research is built on effective engagement with key stakeholders. We embed stakeholder engagement into research projects from the very start, to help the results match up with the expectations of decision makers and end-users. As citizens will be key actors in the transition to a more sustainable economy, we also implement deep engagement processes, including through social innovation and co-creation.