Empowering the Central and Eastern European Countries to Develop Circular Bioeconomy Strategies and Action Plans

Challenge: To date, there are still Member States, including many from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) that do not have a national bioeconomy strategy and action plan despite their high biomass resource base and new bioeconomy potential.

Solution: The objective of CEE2ACT is to empower countries in Central Eastern Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,) and beyond (Greece, Republic of Serbia) to develop circular bioeconomy strategies and action plans, through knowledge transfer and innovative governance models, to achieve better-informed decision-making processes, societal engagement, and innovation, building on the practice of experienced countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden).

Duration: September 2022 – August 2025

Our role

CEE2ACT is coordinated by our member Geonardo, who is also responsible for the development of the e-solutions for sustainable governance. RISE is leading the development of the knowledge transfer strategy and training activities. CluBE is coordinating the establishment of the 10 national bioeconomy hubs. CSCP is designing the stakeholder engagement activities using a bottom-up approach. G!E is leading the project communication and dissemination.

Contact: Nathalie Bargues

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