Holistic and integrated urban model for smart cities

Challenge: Energy, mobility and information and communication technologies (ICT) have been identified recently as key elements in improving citizens’ quality of life but are often addressed separately by cities.

Solution: In STARDUST, intelligent solutions for energy, mobility and ICT will be integrated in cities together with innovative business models, which will serve as blueprints for replication across Europe and abroad. These synergy of actions will transform cities into living labs, platforms where citizens and community engagement will become the driving elements to improve not only their way of life but also their local economies.

Duration: June 2014 – May 2019

Our role

Greenovate! Europe is leading the activities related to knowledge exchange and replication of Lighthouse Cities’ solutions to Follower cities. Our members Michael Heidenreich and CluBE are involved in the same work package and contribute to the knowledge exchange and citizen engagement activities.

Contact: Laura Nieto

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