Replication of innovative concepts for peri-urban, rural or inner-city mobility

Challenge: Urbanisation, climate change and digitalisation challenge how people and goods move from A to B. To cope with these challenges and to meet global climate targets, urban and inter-urban areas need to become well-connected multimodal and multi-usage nodes for smart and clean mobility.

Solution: RECIPROCITY will initiate and support projects in at least 20 cities, replicating existing innovative mobility solutions. All the projects tools and resources are compiled in a Knowledge Centre and on the ARRIVAL platform, a European portal for innovative transports and clean mobility solutions.

Duration: February 2021 – September 2023

Our role

G!E leads the project dissemination activities, promoting to the project results to cities around Europe. We work with our member DOWEL Innovation who are working on business models and exploitation.

Contact: Marisol Castro Rey

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