Symbiotic, circular bioremediation systems and biotechnology solutions for improved environmental, economic, and social sustainability in pollution control

Challenge: The presence of pollution in water and soil poses multiple risks to human, animal, and ecosystem health, contributing to diseases and biodiversity loss

Solution: The SYMBIOREM project will tackle these challenges by using the bioremediation capabilities of microorganisms, microbiomes, proteins, plants and animals to remove pollution from the environment.

Duration: September 2022 – August 2026

Our role

G!E leads the project Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation activities with the support of our members REVOLVE, for the design of communication materials, and ATLANTIS Environment and Innovation for the exploitation work.

TechForce leads the project ethics management to ensure the compliance with the highest ethical standards and the applicable EU, international, and national law on ethical principles.

Contact: Piero Valmassoi

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