EU Bioeconomy Conference reflects on strong growth in changing times

The European Commission held its Bioeconomy Conference on 6-7 October, with G!E present to represent its projects such as CEE2ACT, HOOP and GO-GRASS.

Speakers noted that in the past years, Bioeconomy has gone from an abstract, high-level concept, to a reality on the ground, with developing awareness amongst policy-makers, farmers, investors and innovators. Many countries and regions have developed strategies and policies to enable the bioeconomy, while managing trade-offs and enabling communities of practice.

The Conference discussed progress in implementing the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, emphasising the bioeconomy as a strong growth area with benefits for future economic growth and an answer to recent challenges including COVID rebound and import dependency from unreliable countries.

In the face of new challenges that have emerged over the past years it was accepted that the EU may need to overhaul its bioeconomy strategy – the Commission is listening to stakeholders to hear what is needed.

Read the EU Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report here.

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