WRAP study: Circular Economy could create 3 million jobs in EU

10 September, London – WRAP (The UK Waste & Resources Action Plan) has published a study showing that expansion of the Circular Economy could create up to 3 million extra jobs in the European Union by 2030; three times more than the ‘business as usual’ scenario.

The study, ‘Economic Growth Potential of More Circular Economies’ details employment potential for each Member State of the EU, finding good potential for job creation in all countries.

It is estimated that current employment in Circular Economy sector (repair, waste & recycling, rental & leasing) is around 3.4 million people. On the current development path, this is set to increase by 1.2 million jobs by 2030.

WRAP’s more ambitious scenario would see recycling rates increase by 34%, and remanufacturing by 50%, whilst renting and leasing of products and services would double, compared to a 2014 base level.

The European Commission is expected to publish a new Circular Economy Package in the coming months, having recently closed a public consultation on the topic.

On the publication of the study, WRAP CEO, Liz Goodwin, said, “Providing the bigger picture for the jobs potential from the circular economy for each individual Member State makes the case for the EU to adopt an ‘ambitious’ circular economy package even stronger. This added layer of detail is the missing piece of the jigsaw that shows how the circular economy supports the themes of the Commission’s wider plan for job creation and growth.”

For more information, see the WRAP Study or view WRAP’s position on the Circular Economy Package.

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