Conference: Tools & Strategies for Sustainable Aquaculture

Discover new solutions and inspiring policy sessions on challenges and opportunities for sustainable aquaculture production and consumption in the European Union.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food-producing sector. It delivers nutritious food to a growing world population,creates jobs and economic development in coastal and rural communities and helps mitigate climate change. However, it is necessary to address relevant challenges for the sustainable growth of EU aquaculture.

The NewTechAqua project is organising its Final Conference on 15 November 2023 in Brussels to present its finals results and innovations, as well as the solutions of the winners of its Award Challenge to bring economical, environmental, and social benefits to the sector. The event will gather policymakers, producers, researchers, and startups, and organise policy roundtables to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the future of the sector.

NewTechAqua is a 4-year-research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovationprogramme. NewTechAqua’s main goal is to expand and diversify European aquaculture production of finfish, molluscs and microalgae by developing and validating technologically advanced, resilient and sustainable applications.

Location: Greenovate! Europe (Silversquare Bailli) – Av. Louise 231, 1050, Brussels, Belgium


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Which topics will be addressed?

  • Fish health and disease resistance.
  • Technologies and production systems to increase efficiency.
  • Diversification of fish species.
  • Management systems.
  • New eco-friendly fish and molluscs productswith high nutritional value.

How does it work?

  • Morning session: devoted to presenting the most relevant innovations of the project.
  • NewTechAqua Award Challenge Ceremony: the winning companies will present their solutions.
  • Policy recommendations and roundtables: the project will present its policy recommendations for a more sustainable and resilient aquaculture and invite key stakeholders to discuss in the policy roundtables.

Who should join the event?

  • Policymakers and other authorities.
  • Researchers and academic community.
  • Aquaculture producers.
  • Technology providers.
  • Feed companies.
  • Consumers.

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