Renovate Europe Day outlines vision for a Nearly Zero Energy Building stock in EU

Brussels – The Renovate Europe Campaign has used its annual conference to highlight the many benefits of implementing an ambitious building renovation programme in Europe, showcasing some of the latest tools and initiatives which could help drive the renovation market.

The campaign argues that building renovation is a win-win for the EU, helping to achieve climate targets by reducing energy consumption while also contributing to jobs and growth, human health, and energy security. However, more needs to be done to increase demand for building renovation.

Strong political commitment is seen as the most effective way to really boost the sector. With a revised version of the Energy Efficiency Package expected from the Commission in December, the Renovate Europe Campaign is calling on the European Union to increase its ambition, and target a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) stock by 2050.

Local initiatives can also drive renovation from the bottom up. A barrier for many consumers is general awareness and knowledge of renovation possibilities. Tony Rose, from RetrofitWorks in the UK, explained how advisory services like theirs can make a difference by better informing consumers of the options for renovating their home.

Financing is also often a stumbling block for renovation projects, which may have a medium to long term return on investment. RenoWATTPicardie Renovation Pass and Rudan showcased a number of different financing solutions which can incentivise consumers or public authorities to instigate renovation projects with minimal risk or upfront cost.

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