Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform

Supporting continuous learning for European policy-makers in the low-carbon economy

Challenge: All over Europe, local and regional policy makers are struggling with the same challenges to lead a transition to a low carbon economy.

Solution: Interreg Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy by creating an environment and opportunities for sharing solutions. The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform provides bespoke advice to regions, brokers knowledge exchange, and seeks to capitalise on the achievements of the interregional learning projects.

Duration: ongoing

Our role

Greenovate! Europe are the Thematic Experts for the Policy Learning Platform theme of Low Carbon Economy. This involves analysing Interreg Europe projects under the Low Carbon Economy theme, writing articles to keep regions up-to-date on European activities and legislation, producing Policy Briefs on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility, and organising and moderating events and online discussions for knowledge sharing.

Contact: Simon Hunkin


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