Development and implementation of a new, and non existent, logistics chain for biomass from pruning

Challenge: Europe creates more than 25 million tonnes of agricultural wood prunings each year, but only a marginal percentage is used as solid biofuel.

Solution: EuroPruning developed new machinery for harvesting and treating prunings from the field, investigated solutions for cost-effective storage options, and developed a decision-support tool for improving logistics from farm to final user. Demonstrations of the identified value chains were held in Spain, France and Germany to show their feasibility and to evaluate the performance of the project results.

Duration: April 2013 – July 2016

Our role

Greenovate! Europe led the work package on Business Models, Dissemination and Exploitation, with its member Gate2Growth. Our member ATB was also a partner working on harvesting techniques.

Contact: Simon Hunkin


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Policy recommendations

High-level policy event

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