NewTechAqua launches sustainable aquaculture training programme

CIHEAM, through its institutes in Zaragoza and Bari, is organising two advanced courses, two workshops and a series of specialised webinars.

2023 is the year when the knowledge and results generated by the NewTechAqua project will be transferred. This project started in January 2020 with the aim of boosting innovation and sustainability in the European aquaculture. In the coming months, different training activities for aquaculture professionals will promote the adoption of new technologies, tools and strategies for a more sustainable, resilient and innovative European aquaculture.

The EU aquaculture industry expects to grow substantially in the next decade and to provide 4.5 million tonnes of sustainable food products annually. The solutions developed by NewTechAqua aim to expand and diversify this production while reducing pressure on the environment.

The training activities organised by CIHEAM, through its institutes CIHEAM Zaragoza (Spain) and CIHEAM Bari (Italy), consist of three types of complementary activities: two advanced courses, two workshops and a series of specialised webinars. The training programme also includes online modules, developed by Greenovate! Europe (Belgium), and a school campaign aimed at informing young Europeans about technological developments in the sector.

The calendar kicks off on 5th June in Zaragoza with an advanced course on the nutrition, feeding and health of fish in aquaculture, and a webinar on 7th June that will address consumer awareness of the sustainability of aquaculture in the European Union.

The full programme with all planned training activities of the NewTechAqua project is available at


Marisol Castro

Laura Scivetti

CIHEAM Zaragoza
Clara Guelbenzu/Laura Gil

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