Member States push for long-awaited eco-design strategy

Brussels – The European Commission is under increasing pressure to publish its new eco-design work plan, with EU environment ministers adding their voices to earlier criticism from MEPs and interest groups.

The strategy was promised back in December 2015 as part of the Circular Economy Package however its publication has been subjected to numerous delays. Though the draft plan has reportedly been ready for months, there are fears that further eco-design regulation could cause a public backlash, especially in the UK.

No official publication date has been set, but there is hope that the strategy will finally see the light of day in autumn of this year.

The text is expected to create the framework for the formulation of new, more efficient eco-design standards for consumer products. These standards will likely extend to new product groups, such as mobile phones, and will additionally regulate on product lifetime and resource efficiency, as well as energy efficiency. The measures aim to save the equivalent of 10m tonnes of CO2 emissions per year by 2030, helping EU countries to meet efficiency goals and consumers to cut their energy bills.

Click to read the Environment Council conclusions.

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