Here you can access past features prepared for the Greenovate! Europe homepage, providing in-depth coverage of projects, reports, members and policy-issues.

  1. European Agenda 2013-2014 – The European Commission and European Council have released their work plans for 2013-2014, each with a focus on getting Europe back on track to sustainable growth.
  2. InnovationSeeds –  The InnovationSeeds platform is designed to boost uptake of results and presents findings in a variety of areas, from water and waste management, to energy and resource efficiency.
  3. FLOATGEN – Wind power going further off-shore – The FLOATGEN project will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of two multi-megawatt integrated floating wind turbine systems in southern European deep waters.
  4. First simulations reveal up to 70% savings from value chain optimisation – A study by Greenovate! Europe reveals hidden resource efficiency possibilities of up to 70% of resource costs through optimisation of the entire manufacturing value chain.
  5. Boosting sustainable construction through public procurement – As part of the ECOPOL project, LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark has produced a guide for public procurement policies that stimulate uptake of sustainable construction and refurbishment.
  6. EU-GUGLE – Sustainable Renovation Models for Smarter Cities – EU-GUGLE will test nearly-zero energy building renovation models at the district level, aiming to achieve 40-80% energy savings per pilot district, whilst increasing the share of renewable energy sources by 25%.
  7. ETFE-MFM – PV integrated ETFE for architectural facade lighting – ETFE-MFM will develop, evaluate and demonstrate an ETFE module with integrated photovoltaics, LED technologies and flexible circuits. 
  8. ECO-SEE – Improving the indoor environment of energy efficient buildings –  ECO-SEE will create natural eco-materials for healthier indoor environments through hygrothermal regulation and removal of airborne contaminants through chemical capture and photocatalysis.
  9. CENTRAL EUROPE Study on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – A Greenovate! Europe Study has found that transnational energy projects substantially assist central European regions to adapt their regional energy policies and highlights some of the most outstanding tools created by the Programme’s projects.
  10. WASTECOSMART – Improving resource efficiency in European regions – WASTECOSMART aims to strengthen the innovation capacity of regional research-driven clusters in resource efficiency.
  11. MeeFS – Multifunctional Energy Efficient Façade System for Buildings Retrofitting – The MeeFS project aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative multifunctional façade system for improving energy efficient building retrofitting.
  12. SINFONIA – Low Carbon Cities for Better Living – The SINFONIA Smart Cities project will demonstrate large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in pioneer districts in Innsbruck and Bolzano by retrofitting more than 100,000 m2 of living surface, optimising the electricity grid and using district heating and cooling technologies.
  13. Member Focus – C-Tech Innovation – Since its foundation in 2001 C-Tech Innovation has grown to be a UK leader in helping clients to generate innovative, sustainable and profitable products and services.
  14. World Sustainable Energy Days – The World Sustainable Energy Days – organised by O.Ö. Energiesparverband – is one of Europe’s largest renewable energy events, combining six conferences, site-visits, B2B meetings and the Energiesparmesse tradeshow. 
  15. Interreg – European Territorial Co-operation – Interreg projects aim to support the delivery of EU Regional Policy by helping regions to adapt their policy instruments to support the aims of the EU 2020 Strategy.
  16. MEMAN – Unlocking the resource saving potential of the metal mechanical sector – The MEMAN project aims to support European companies in the metal mechanical sector in their efforts to maximise their resource saving potential and increase competitiveness.
  17. ProBIO – Your toolkit for bioeconomy research exploitation – The ProBIO project provides professional support for the uptake of bioeconomy R&D results towards market, research and policy communities for a more competitive European bioeconomy.
  18. Member Focus – National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) – The CENER-CIEMAT Foundation is a technology centre which is specialised in applied research and the development and promotion of renewable energies, with excellent qualifications and recognised national and international prestige.
  19. ISOBIO – Naturally High Performance Insulation – The ISOBIO project aims to develop new bio-based construction materials and bring them to the mainstream, for the purpose of creating more energy efficient buildings.