Commission pushes for more ambition in national climate plans

Brussels – The European Commission has released its evaluation of all 28 National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), produced by the EU member states in the context of the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union, which entered into force at the end of last year.

The Commission notes that the plans, “already represent significant efforts”, but has encouraged Member States to show more ambition, releasing recommendations for each one.

Under the Governance Regulation, each country is required to produce a NECP, covering all dimensions of the Energy Union: Security, solidarity and trust; an integrated internal energy market; energy efficiency; decarbonisation; and research and innovation. The plan must set out clearly how the country in question will reach its 2030 obligations. Member States will have to report to the EC every two years, and the EC will publish annual State of the Energy Union reports, to put pressure onto states to improve their performance.

common Communication has been published, providing an EU-wide assessment of the plans. It shows that if member states do not change their plans, the EU will only meet around 30.5-31.9% use of renewables, whilst the target is 32%. Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania and Portugal were singled out for praise as being the most ambitious EU members.

In energy efficiency, the plans would meet only a 26.5-30.7% improvement, against a target of 32.5%. Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands and France were identified as the most ambitious members.

For more information, see the Commission’s Press Release.

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