Commission outlines New European Bauhaus concept

The Commission this week released more information about the New European Bauhaus initiative.

The New European Bauhaus aims to brings a cultural and creative dimension to the European Green Deal, by demonstrating how sustainable innovation offers tangible, positive experiences in our daily life. A year after the initiative was announced, details are now emerging of how this will be realised.

The Commission will establish a New European Bauhaus Lab: a ‘think and do tank’ to co-create, prototype and test new tools, solutions and policy recommendations. The Lab will continue the movement’s collaborative spirit that brings together different walks of life and reaches out to society, industry and politics to connect people and find new ways of creating together.

Additionally, €85 million in funding will be dedicated to New European Bauhaus projects in 2021–2022. This funding will be spread across several European Programmes including Horizon Europe (notably within the missions), the LIFE programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

This initial package includes a call for five first demonstrators that will have the function of kicking-off the transformation on the ground. The call, funded under Horizon Europe, will be open for applications in September 2021 and run until 25 January 2022.

The Commission will convene a ‘New European Bauhaus Festival’ for the first time in spring 2022.

Read more in the Commission press release or on the New European Bauhaus website.

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