EU Circular Cities and Regions Initiative seeks Pilot regions

The long-awaiting (CCRI) is now online, and has launched a first call to identify so-called ‘Pilots’ and ‘Fellows’.

Launched by the EU as part of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the CCRI focuses on implementing the circular economy across Europe’s cities and regions. It aims to increase synergies among projects and initiatives, disseminate relevant knowledge, and give greater visibility to best practices.

The first action of the CCRI Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO) – a consortium of contractors who will animate the initiative – has been to open a call to select a group of cities, regions or territorial clusters to become ‘Pilots’ and ‘Fellows’.

The Pilot Group will receive specific support to develop their Circular Systemic Solutions, as well as tailored guidance from the CCRI-CSO on the implementation of their Circular Economy Action Plans, Circular Economy Investment Plans and monitoring (including capacity building, follow-ups on progress, and self-assessment).

Fellows will join the Pilots in their capacity-building activities and contribute to disseminating, communicating and raising awareness of the circular approach. Fellows may be cities, regions or territorial clusters that currently find themselves in earlier stages of the transition, but have a strong interest in sharing and expanding their knowledge.

The call is open until Friday 29 April. Interested parties should fill in the following expression of interest:

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