KIS-PIMS (Knowledge Intensive Services in the Planning, Installation, Maintenance and Scrap services) was an initiative to enhance cost-driven innovation in renewable energy production systems,which ran from February 2008 until June 2011 with the financial support of European Commission DG Enterprise and Austria, France and Finland.

KIS-PIMS designed and implemented new funding schemes for innovative service companies, with a focus on SMEs in the above three countries. It developed an innovation voucher for buying consulting services to strengthen business plans for innovations.

Companies involved in PIMS Services were invited to submit their innovation proposal to Calls published by the innovation and energy Agencies of the three countries. 52 project proposals received an innovation voucher, giving SMEs fast access to business expertise such as in-depth risk analysis of service innovation projects, business plan consolidation, connections to follow-up funding and development partners.

For more information contact, Serge Galant (co-ordinator).

Project outcomes

The project developed a number of tools, including a risk-assessment tool, an innovation management assessment tool, a cash-flow simulator and an IPR manual.

KIS-PIMS has produced the ‘Guide to green innovation vouchers: Experiences from testing vouchers for renewable energy service innovators’.