Greenovate! Europe supports institutional actors in developing eco-innovation strategies and policy instruments by drawing on a wealth of pan-European expertise in policy design for various Members States and the European Commission.

Greenovate! Europe Intelligence reports

Innovation policy reviews and issue papers in the field of eco/clean technologies, taking stock of European foresight studies, expert panel discussions, etc. Analysis and assessment of clean-tech innovation potential and development options at regional level.

Policy Assessment and indicators application

Strategic assessment of clean technology policies and programmes at national, regional and institutional level. Design and development of performance and impact indicators for clean technology innovation policies and instruments, with a strong emphasis on international benchmarking.

Structural Funds orientation and design

Advice on how to use Structural Funds for green policy schemes and policy measures. Policy advice on how to generate greener policy orientations. Measure design from the idea to the call for tenders. Design of innovation support instruments (such as innovation financing) in the field of clean technologies.

Policy roundtables and expert panels

Organisation of thematic roundtables with invited experts on a specific topic in half day seminars.

Study visits for policy makers

Two day visiting schemes to a location to get a better understanding of interesting eco-innovation policy schemes and practices.

Developing and professionalising the eco-cluster approach

Reports on development and design of eco/clean technology related cluster policies and programmes by taking stock of best European operating models and expertise. Analysis of potential and feasibility studies/impact assessment for development of eco-innovative clusters.