Zabala Innovation Consulting is an independent international consultancy firm founded in 1986 specialising in comprehensive consultancy of both R&D and Innovation management, as much for industrial or services enterprises. The company’s mission is to make innovation the key factor of the competitivity for both companies and administrations, collaborating in the planning of their projects and the management of all types of subsidies and funding at regional national and community level. Over 300 clients, most of them SME but also large companies, contract research organisations and universities. The work group comprises a multidisciplinary team of 90 professionals. Head office in Navarra, Spain and branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Prague.

Innovation competence

  • Services to companies and technology centres: programmes for RTD and Innovation, tax relief for RTD and Innovation, transnational cooperation, environmental and energy Management, Investment Plans…
  • Services to Administrations: elaboration of Regional Innovation Plans, validation of new methodologies for the promotion of Innovation, evaluation of projects (carrying out Studies and Impact Analyses), dynamisation of industrial innovation…

Eco-innovation experiences

  • Promoting Technology Transfer of Renewable Energy Technologies-ProRETT. FP6 project. Partner.
  • Joint ECO-City development in Scandinavian and Spain. CONCERTO FP6 project. Partner.
  • AMIREES Accompanying Measure for the integration of Renewable Energies into the Energy Systems (Identification at a European scale of main technical, economical and legal problems as well as solutions and success cases for integration). FP5 project. Coordinator.
  • ECOINNOVATION-AM Accompanying Measure for the provision of support services to an Environmental Innovation Cluster (Advice on environmental legislation, training on environmental management techniques, eco-audits for identification of environmental innovation opportunities). FP5 project. Coordinator.

Geographical area covered


Contact information

Email: José Mª Zabala or Erik Zabala

Paseo Santxiki, 3 bis
E-31192 Mutilva Alta (Navarra) – Spain

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