The history of goes back in the late ‘90s, when a group of companies, led by the Italian consultancy iCons srl , were appointed by DG INFSO to carry out a pilot project on audiovisual production and dissemination of research project results through Video News Releases (VNRs)

This work, encouraged by the success of this first pilot initiative, went on in the following years, and became a de-facto standard for research communication to TV media. The communication platform, launched in January 2005, has been adopted by several DGs of the European Commission for the implementation of their audiovisual production and dissemination policy.

Today, shall be considered the only integrated AV platform focusing on European policy, research and innovation permanently and contemporarily broadcasting on the pan-European TV station Euronews and on the World Feeds and the News Feeds of the Eurovision Department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Basically, has developed an unique capacity to access the gateways of the broadcasting mainstream of the European media, and this aspect shall be regarded as the main qualifying point of

Overall, VNRs have been broadcast more than 400 times by more than 80 world TV stations between year 2003 and year 2009, with a total audience of several tens of millions viewers. These data put at the leading-edge of institutional communication of science, policy and research via television media.

Innovation competence

  • Identification of key innovation messages of public interest
  • Media-tailoring of communication services for innovative projects and start-ups
  • Organisation of integrated communication plans for innovative projects and start-ups (TV and the web)
  • Surveying and monitoring of innovation national and EU Programmes
  • Media consultation on innovation

Eco-innovation experiences

  • 10+ films released and distributed in the Global Change and Ecosystems domain
  • 15+ films released and distributed in the Sustainable Energy Systems domain
  • 15+ films released and distributed in the Greening Transport domain (full set ready in 2010)
  • Impact assessment of FP5 IST Programme on Environment
  • Establishing and managing stakeholders’ communities in innovative technologies (renewable energies)
  • Development of business and marketing plan for innovative information services in renewable energies 

Geographical area covered


Contact information

Email: Mario Martinoli

Via Dogana 3

I-20123 Milan (Italy)

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