Van der Meer & van Tilburg Innovation Consultants’ core activities consist of consultancy on innovation and commercialisation of new technologies. Founded in 1979, the executives have backgrounds in both business strategy and technology. A distinguishing characteristic of Van der Meer & van Tilburg is the combination of skills in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Marketing and Organisation. Clients include government, branch organisations, regional development organisations, small and medium sized enterprises and knowledge institutions.

In national and international research projects Van der Meer & van Tilburg collaborate with partners to fill the gap between research and its commercialisation by companies. They help to explore the market to find commercial possibilities for new knowledge from institutions and universities by utilising tools to map knowledge and development demands of companies and branches and use the results for feedback to research and educational institutions. They have also worked on the development of technology roadmaps and knowledge position studies.

In dissemination and exploitation they are involved in different EU-projects and have conducted some dissemination projects for the introduction of sustainable energy solutions for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Hardwareweg 30

3821 BM Amersfoort

The Netherlands

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