TECHNOFI is a consulting company dedicated since 1985, its incorporation date, to innovation management. Its business experience covers a wide range of business situations: idea development, business creation, start-up / business development, industrial exploitation/business consolidation of innovative projects, large scale exploitation of innovative concepts based on multi company cooperative or collaborative programmes. Three complementary services are proposed by TECHNOFI to its clients:

Training in action on real life projects to implement TECHNOFI’s innovative management tool and methodologies (the Symple®  tool)

Assistance to company or project managers to support change management programmes

Coaching of individuals to detect and to shape initiatives which will change their professional and personal life

Innovation competence

  • Fostering individual and collective initiatives
  • Improving team autonomy at managing changes
  • Helping projects converge on predefined innovative outputs 
  • Managing process innovation in a more efficient way
  • Reaching stability in a change management context

Eco-innovation experiences

  • Training on the implementation of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Coordinating innovation activities in clean manufacturing activities
  • Incubatiing enterprises involved in renewable energy resource development
  • New financing schemes to deploy renewable energy resources

Geographical area covered


Contact information

Email: Serge Galant

ATLANTIS 2- 55 Allée Pierre Ziller – BP 22 – 06901 SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS CEDEX
Fax : +33 4 93 65 27 16

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