Michael Heidenreich Consulting has been a senior consultant for European RTD projects: Project management, budget implementation and research activities of national and international co-operations, namely KIS-PIMS – Knowledge Intensive Services  in the Planning, Installation, Maintenance and Scrap services (PIMS) for renewable energy production systems and the CONCERTO project HOLISTIC – Holistic Optimisation Leading to Integration of Sustainable Technologies In Communities within the Frame of Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP) and of the Framework Programme.

Innovation competence

  •  To increase the knowledge of energy behaviour at a socio- economic and technical point of view.
  • To improve renewable energy technologies as well as their integration into existing systems
  • To disseminate up-to-date performance validation criteria and scientific results in order to boost high performance products and to foster the development of maximum conversion efficiency of energy technologies.
  • To prepare, manage and monitor calls for proposals, evaluation and selection of granted research projects.
  • To rapidly transfer and implement RTD results into industrial applications.

Eco-innovation experiences

  • To conduct marketing and market research in the fields of Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency / support instruments, schemes and innovation vouchers / comparative studies on sustainable development practices
  • To find solutions to strategic problems by removing economic and technical barriers, by finding and designing selected co-financing models and by establishing high-quality business practices

Geographical area covered

South America

Contact information

Email: Michael Heidenreich

Ferchergasse 13/24, A – 1170 Vienna