Greenovate! sprl is a private consultancy based in Brussels, Belgium. Our mission is to provide environment and climate-friendly solutions to the problems caused by today’s resource use.

We cover two activity areas:

  • Project development services for waste management projects
  • Specialised communication and dissemination services at EU level for resource efficiency projects in the framework of European Programmes

Greenovate! is very well linked into the European policy and decision-making processes and aspires to support its clients in increasing their opportunities and efficiency through networking with the EU institutions as well as with relevant partners throughout Europe.

Greenovate! sprl is a founding member of Greenovate! Europe EEIG, and the two Partners at Greenovate! sprl are also the Managing Directors of Greenovate! Europe EEIG.

Innovation competence

  • Technology innovation screening and brokerage
  • Project development
  • Studies and Intelligence reports
  • Communication and dissemination services

Eco-innovation experience

  • In-depth knowledge of waste and energy sectors
  • Monitoring and follow-up of eco-innovation policies
  • Organisation of specialised events and study visits on eco-innovation

Geographical area covered

Europe and selected non-European countries


Email: Astrid Severin or Katharina Krell

Greenovate! sprl
Rue d’Arlon 63
1040 Brussels

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