The European Water Partnership is an action-oriented open forum for all stakeholders, including governmental agencies (local, national and European), knowledge institutes, private companies, non-governmental organisations, the public and private financial sector, end-users and civil society groups to exchange views, to find solutions for the water challenges in wider Europe and to stimulate partnerships.

Innovation competence

  • development of consortia for FP7 projects
  • participation in the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP).
  • facilitates access to financing sources and networks
  • provides expertise on research project management

Eco-innovation experiences

  • water awareness campaign in regions Europe-wide « aquawareness »
  • water stewardship programme

Geographical area covered

(wider) Europe


Email : Lisa Strübbe

The European Water Partnership

Avenue de Tervuren 216

B 1150 Brussels


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