Created in 1965 under the pressure of the “Fédération des Industries Mécaniques” for mutualising R&D efforts to the benefits of the professionals concerned, CETIM now carries out, with the support of a network of partners:

  • collective technological R&D in the mechanical field, and dissemination of information for the benefit of mechanical firms (65 % of its activity)
  • contractual service supplies, surveys and R&D (35 % of its activity)

It is an organisation having the following activities: metallic materials and surfaces, fatigue of components and mechanical structures, machines and controls, noise and vibrating engineering, non destructive examination and measurement engineering, failure analysis and survey, fluid and flow techniques, polymers elastomers and composite materials, paints engineering, sizing, simulations and software tools…

Innovation competence

  • Complete project management
  • Requirement analysis and drafting of functional specifications

  • Solutions to technical and economic problems

  • Accompanying product development

  • Structuring creative approach

  • Improving the company as design performance

Eco-innovation experiences

  • R & D in clean technologies and waste and effluent  treatment
  • Eco-innovation projets management

Geographical area covered

Europe, Canada, Morocco


Email: Djea Djeapragache


7 rue de la presse,  BP 802



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