Amsterdam Economic Board (formerly Amsterdamse Innovatie Motor, AIM) is an economic and innovation development organisation in the larger Amsterdam region. AIM was started in 2006 as a co-operation between government, universities and business actors and initiates innovation activities to strengthen the position of the Amsterdam Metropolitan area in the knowledge economy. AIM is the main executive partner of the Amsterdam Economic Board. AIM works in a network of 50 knowledge institutes and 1,100 businesses (members of the Knowledge Network Amsterdam). The larger Amsterdam region is strongly focusing on (innovation-driven) sustainability stimulation in all its forms.

AIM consists of the following members: two universities, Chamber of Commerce, City of Amsterdam, City of Almere, North-Holland Province, ING bank, ABN-AMRO bank, Rabobank and has access to over 100 innovative SMEs in the region. It has strong links with banks and investors and works closely with one of its founding/funding partners: the Amsterdam Municipality.

AIM functions as a facilitator to promote mutual cooperation between knowledge institutions, commerce and industry, and government and social organisations in the Amsterdam region. In concrete terms this entails:

  • Improving the business development climate for knowledge intensive businesses with extra attention to start-ups and growth companies;
  • Promoting co-operation between knowledge institutions, commerce and industry and government;
  • Profiling the Amsterdam region nationally and internationally as a knowledge-intensive region;
  • Monitoring developments on a sector-by-sector basis;
  • Promoting the availability of adequate employment opportunities.


De Ruyterkade 5

1013 AA Amsterdam

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