Active Innovation Management (AIM)  is a consulting company whose mission is to help organizations of all sectors in their approach to innovation. We create inventive problem solving methodologies to help companies solve their technical and scientific

 issues. Thanks to our collaboration, our customers have been able to develop new: subways, geothermal energy systems, business model, automotive components, medical products, cosmetics, materials…  

A.I.M.’s approach on innovation is global. Indeed A.I.M. : 
– makes sure that the issues identified by its clients are aligned with its STRATEGY,
– promotes SYNERGY between people to facilitate the emergence of ideas and their appropriation,
– implements structured resolution PROCESSES to ensure that the study is exhaustive,
– uses avant-garde inventive TOOLS leading to realistic and pragmatic solutions.


Innovation Competence 

A.I.M. ‘s know-how mainly benefits its clients through:

  • Innovation capability Auditing using “Intelligence Inventive”,
  • Consulting:
  1. Technical & scientific troubleshooting
  2. Management of innovative projects
  3. New products creation
  4. Coaching for innovation facilitators and directors
  5. Patent breaking and strengthening
  6. Market forecasting
  • Training in order to make clients develop innovation capability.

Eco-Innovation Experiences

  • Invention of a eco-friendly regasifying LNG system
  • Invention of an high efficiency geothermal system
  • Invention of a new building conditioning systems
  • Development of new renewable energy solutions
  • Development of a new design method including simplified LCA approach

Geographical areas covered

France, Italy


Email: Giacomo Bersano

Active Innovation Management (AIM)
42 rue des sources
92160 Antony

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