Since its foundation in 2001 C-Tech Innovation has grown to be a UK leader in helping clients to generate innovative, sustainable and profitable products and services. C-Tech uses its expertise in sustainability, innovation, new product development and knowledge transfer to help clients strengthen their products, processes and people through a wide-range of consultancy services, specialist networks and business intelligence.

Integrating Sustainability into Business Strategies

C-Tech Innovation can provide guidance and advice on integrating sustainability into business strategies. With a highly-trained research and development team and extensive experience in building both prototype and production equipment, C-Tech is the perfect partner for developing and refining products and processes to be energy efficient, low-impact, and profitable. Using its extensive knowledge and expertise C-Tech can assist in the development and implementation of effective and credible sustainability policies, procedures and management strategies that ensure impact reduction, profitability and growth.

One such recent example has been C-Tech’s work with Halen Môn, manufacturers of gourmet Anglesey Sea Salt. With support from the WRAP scheme, C-Tech performed a life-cycle analysis of packaging possibilities and identified a packaging system that used 50% less material than the company’s previous packaging, and delivered substantial cost savings. Halen Môn co-founder David Lea-Wilson said he was “delighted that the support we received will help us to increase our profile on shelf, save CO2 and packaging waste, reduce stock holding costs in square metres and in absolute cost and improve our lead time to deliver orders to customers.”

Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Network

Amongst the largest and most successful of C-Tech Innovation’s projects was the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network (ES KTN). Funded by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board, the ES TKN ran between 2009 and 2014 under the joint operation of C-Tech and the University of Oxford. It sought to accelerate the UK’s transition to a low carbon, resource and energy efficient economy by bringing together diverse organisations and promoting the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of innovation across a wide range of environmental technologies.

“The ES KTN was hugely successful and has allowed us to consolidate our expertise and skills in international knowledge exchange. In the future we will be looking at ways to increase the sharing of best practices across Europe,” said Edward Jones, Strategic Research Group Leader at C-Tech. During the lifetime of the ES KTN over 650 new R&D partnerships, research to business, and business to business collaborations were instigated that resulted in leveraging almost £160 million in project funding, with another £30 million in the pipeline at the close of the programme. 

A Leader in Public Sustainability Projects

C-Tech has also been involved in a large number of sustainability projects – as project leader, co-ordinator, or partner – at UK and European level, becoming one of the 25 most active SMEs (and the most active in the UK) in European Commission FP7 funded projects. C-Tech projects have covered a variety of areas, from the extraction of rare earth metals in IT waste (Remanence), to the reuse of corporate clothing at end of service life (Wear2). C-Tech is also involved as a Third Party of Greenovate! Europe in the ECO-SEE project on eco-materials and components for healthier and more efficient buildings, and was previously involved in the REMake project, contributing to the Guide to Resource Efficiency in Manufacturing and the UK DEFRA study on Value Chain Resource Efficiency.

C-Tech Innovation is continuing to apply for projects under Horizon 2020. “We want to continue the success of FP7 and aim to remain a top 25 SME participant,“ said Edward Jones. “We have a strong interest in heating and electrochemical technologies, but we have the expertise to work with almost any Research and Technology Organisation to help them to bring their technologies to a marketable position.”

For more information on C-Tech Innovation’s services, please contact Edward Jones or visit the C-Tech Innovation Website.