High quality Horizon 2020 exploitation work packages

With Horizon 2020, the European Commission is emphasising that consortia must come up with elaborate exploitation plans to ensure dissemination and use of knowledge that is generated. Project proposals with weak exploitation plans risk low scores from the evaluators.

Consortia often have difficulty in coming up with meaningful exploitation plans as this requires an expertise quite different to the scientific and technological expertise predominantly present in Horizon 2020 projects. Greenovate! Europe specialises in the exploitation and commercialisation of technical RTD results.

Greenovate! Europe’s qualifications as a work package leader in charge of exploitation and dissemination

G!E, as an EEIG and group of 500 innovation experts and 2000 technical experts, is well placed to work as a work package leader for exploitation and dissemination:

  • R&D commercialisation, promotion and exploitation represent our core competencies/business
  • We have references for successful R&D result commercialisation
  • Evaluation reports show that our work packages score highly
  • We can access the contracts as a single partner using the EEIG as vehicle to include various members, while offering multiple skills
  • We can boast an EU wide network of contacts
  • We have dedicated science communication expertise through youris.com

Our FP exploitation work packages have helped consortia to consistently score high in the “impact” section of the evaluation summary report (latest scores: 4.5 and 5).

Our fields of expertise cover the entire range of environmental technologies, including renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and industry, water and air purification, resource efficiency, waste reduction and pollution control.

Please contact us to discuss how we can improve the research result exploitation aspects of your Horizon 2020 proposal.