greenXpo aims to develop a new and innovative web-based tool to facilitate knowledge transfer, uptake and exploitation of technological and nontechnological research data and good policy measures related to eco-innovation. The collected knowledge will be proactively promoted to policy-makers, enterprises and other stakeholders.

Eco-innovation is defined as, “any innovation that reduces the use of natural resources and decreases the release of harmful substances across the whole life-cycle.”

GreenXpo stands for “Professional promotion of eco-innovation knowledge through an integrated expertise platform for policy makers, SMEs and the public in view of boosting the Green Economy”. It is a support action co-funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development (FP7) and runs from 1 June 2013 until 31 May 2015. greenXpo is coordinated by the German public agency JUELICH and backed by a balanced group of eco-innovation experts, multipliers and communication professionals from six European countries plus Taiwan.

Greenovate! Europe is leading the work package on Cross-sectoral exchange and spill-overs.

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