The ECO-SEE project has developed hygrothermal coatings to passively regulate relative humidity levels, modified bio-based insulation materials to capture VOCs, and developed photocatalytic coatings to remove indoor organic pollutants using visible light sources. In addition the ECO-SEE project is using these materials to develop external and internal wall panels, and developing improved modelling capacity to support wider uptake of these solutions. For information on the results of the ECO-SEE project, see the publication, 'Healthier, quieter and more energy efficient buildings'

See the video below for an overview to the ECO-SEE project.

The ECO-SEE project has developed new eco-materials and components for the purpose of creating both healthier and more efficient buildings. It has created and symbiotically used natural eco-materials for healthier indoor environments through hygrothermal (heat and moisture) regulation and the removal of airborne contaminants through both chemical capture and photocatalysis.

The ECO-SEE project has studied the use of innovative eco-building materials that will address poor air quality, while also radically improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Through the project the researchers have developed highly insulated wall panels treated using novel chemical processes to enhance the capacity of building materials to capture VOCs. The team has also developed highly novel photocatalytic coatings using nanoparticle technology, which will decompose harmful chemicals when exposed to sunlight, preventing them from being released into the air.

The objective of the project was to deliver products with at least 15 per cent lower embodied energy than traditional construction materials, with at least 20 per cent longer expected lifespan, and for at least 20 per cent lower build costs. By making better products at a lower price the research group has created a cost effective solution with the potential for real market impact. 

Greenovate! Europe is leading the Work Package on Dissemination and Exploitation, with Third Parties C-Tech Innovation and CEIS Innovation 128.

For more information contact Guillaume Corradino (Tel:+ 32(0)2 400 10 08) or visit the ECO-SEE website.