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Forest City Forum & Exhibition

21 March, Brussels

Encouraging citizens to reconnect with nature by highlighting the value of forests, the 2018 Forest City Forum brings together international agencies, associations and industry actors to advance greater sustainability practices. The forum is hosted and moderated by MEP Paul Brannen. The cocktail includes a virtual reality experience of the Amazon with Conservation International called "Under the Canopy" 

Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference - Delivering on the Circular Economy, What's Next?

20-21 February 2018, Brussels

Two years after the adoption of EU Circular Economy Package in December 2015, more than half of the initiatives included in the Action Plan have been delivered. To discuss upcoming deliverables, explore new areas of action and share the first achievements of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, the Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee will host a Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference on 20-21 February in Brussels.