MIGRATE Workshop: More power electronics into the grid - Innovative solutions for operations and impacts on connection rules

6 April, Brussels

This MIGRATE workshop aims at:

  • Presenting the MIGRATE project and advancement;
  • Discussing the impacts of the expected project results, i.e. upgraded and new monitoring solutions, control algorithms and strategies as well as protection schemes, and necessary grid code evolutions;
  • Preparing your organisation, community or industry to be involved in reviewing those results and planning their implementation

MIGRATE – Massive InteGRATtion of power Electronic devices - is a European project supported by the EC and coordinated by TenneT. Gathering TSOs from 11 countries together with manufacturers and researchers, this 4-year project explores innovative solutions to handle the forthcoming massive integration of power electronics into transmission networks. Solutions will include the use of new monitoring & forecasting technologies, the development of new control strategies and protection schemes as well as mitigation measures to tackle power quality issues. The operation of 100% power electronics networks will also be investigated.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 08:00 to 09:00