ButaNexT Workshop: Advanced Product Recovery Workshop

11 May - Mol, Belgium

ButaNexT aims to overcome the technical and economic constraints to the use of biobutanol as an advanced biofuel. Developing new ways to improve butanol productivity is a key part of the equation, and the ButaNexT partners have made significant progress in the areas of strain performance, continuous fermentation and in situ product recovery.

This workshop will place the product intensification approaches investigated in ButaNexT within the broader context of advanced product recovery in biocatalysis, chemistry and pharma.

The workshop will be the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches to process intensification and engage with the experts behind the research. Four specific topics will be discussed:

  • Process intensification in biocatalytic processes
  • Case study on in situ product recovery in butanol fermentation
  • Process intensification by hybrid separation processes
  • Process intensification in chemistry and pharma.

Industrial professionals with a technical or scientific background and graduates in science or engineering looking for more insights into process intensification and advanced product recovery.

Attendance to the ButaNexT workshop is free of charge, but requires registration here.

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 09:00 to 17:00