Greenovate! Europe

Greenovate! Europe is an independent expert group dedicated to the development of sustainable business.

Our members are experienced professionals with industry and technical know-how, who are able to implement innovative processes along the entire value chain – from research to market.

Our team in Brussels make the connections and amplify our activities by engaging in EU wide knowledge transfer activities,

Together we offer the pooled experience of over 500 innovation advisors and 2,000 technical experts from 14 European countries.

Core expertise

Greenovate! Europe provides innovation support services at EU level to research laboratories, technology developers, and companies willing to acquire or spin-out new technologies, and investors.

We support all technologies and services that have a positive life-cycle impact on the environment, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, water and waste water, land and soil remediation, clean production processes and resource efficiency, and bio-based products.


Greenovate! Europe EEIG, Rue d'Arlon 63-65, 1040 Brussels, Belgium - Click to view address in Google Maps

Vicky Mosteyrin Perdiguero, Managing Director (Tel: +32(0)2 400 10 09)