The Greenovate! Europe Executive Board is responsible for the daily management of the EEIG and its presentation towards third parties. The Managing Directors of Greenovate! Europe are Astrid Severin and Katharina Krell.

Astrid and Katharina started the Brussels-based consultancy Greenovate! sprl and initiated the creation of Greenovate! Europe EEIG.

Astrid Severin

Managing Director

Astrid has been co-managing Greenovate! Europe since October 2007. She has previously worked as a Policy Officer at the Innovation Policy Development Unit of DG Enterprise and Industry where she was responsible for European clusters, financing, and standards networks in the sectors of energy, eco-innovation, construction and the automotive industry, within the framework of Europe INNOVA. Being responsible for the PAXIS initiative, she has also gained substantial experience in regional innovation policy areas such as innovation financing, technology transfer, incubation, and innovation management. Before joining the European Commission in 2004, Astrid was a Senior Consultant at Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications, developing and implementing major pan-European communication strategies for the European Commission, NATO and UNICEF. Astrid holds an MBA from United Business Institutes in Brussels and speaks German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

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Katharina Krell

Managing Director

Katharina has been co-managing Greenovate! Europe since November 2007. Before this, she was Secretary General of the EUREC (European renewable energy research centres) Agency, where she introduced the promotion of innovation and knowledge transfer as a new strategic objective for EUREC and was the initiator and co-ordinator of the ProRETT (Promoting renewable energy technology transfer) project. Before working with EUREC, she worked for two years for the German Development Service (GTZ/CIM) in Hangzhou, China, as a seconded expert to the International Network on Small Hydropower and as programme manager for renewable energy electrification projects. Katharina holds a BA in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Relations in Geneva, as well as an MBA from United Business Institutes in Brussels. She speaks German, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. 

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Simon Hunkin

Manager EU Policies & Communication

Simon joined Greenovate! Europe in March 2012 and holds responsibilities in communications, policy and projects. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Exeter and a Master’s in European Studies from King’s College London. Here he studied politics, international relations and economics, specialising in European-level lobbying and policy-making, with a focus on environmental policy. His thesis examined the differing approaches of NGOs and industry associations in lobbying the REACH Regulation and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Prior to joining Greenovate! Europe, Simon worked for a British electoral reform campaign and a member of the House of Commons. He speaks English, French and German.

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Guillaume Corradino

Head of European Programmes

Guillaume joined Greenovate! Europe in April 2013, after a first experience as a trainee in 2008. In between, Guillaume worked as Project Officer within the Institution Building Unit of DG Enlargement, European Commission, where he implemented technical assistance projects in the areas of environment and transport in the enlargement and EU neighbourhood countries. Before joining the European Commission, he worked as FP6/FP7 Project Manager at the Italian engineering company d'Appolonia S.p.A, where he was responsible for the financial and administrative management of two research projects in the areas of railways and bus transport. He holds a Master’s in European Policies from Aix-en-Provence Institute of Political Studies, as well as a degree in Political Sciences (majoring in EU and international affairs) from the same institute. He speaks French, English and Italian.

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James Ling

Project Manager

James joined Greenovate! Europe in October 2015, and has responsibilities in project management and communications. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sheffield and a Master’s in European Studies from the University of Leuven, were he studied European affairs with a focus on environmental policy. He speaks English and Dutch.

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Bénédicte Julliard

Project Manager

Bénédicte joined Greenovate! Europe in February 2016. She holds a Master’s Degree in European Affairs from Lille Institute of Political Studies with a focus on Environmental Policy and European project management. In the framework of her Master’s thesis, she analysed the influencing strategies adopted by European interest groups in international conferences about Climate Change. Before joining Greenovate! Europe, Bénédicte had a first working experience in Brussels at the European office of the Austrian Association for Electricity Companies. She speaks French, English and German. 

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